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Hosting the Perfect Summer-Savvy Picnic

With the summer season ahead, there is no better time for bringing together family and friends to enjoy the outdoors. It is a time for dusting off the grill, laying out a fresh blanket and enjoying delicious food while soaking up the sun with the ones you love. That’s the advice of cleaning expert, author and television personality, Laura Dellutri, the “Healthy Housekeeper,” who outlines four simple steps to help you plan the perfect summer-savvy picnic. Armed with tried-and-true secrets she learned as a hostess and mother of five, Dellutri offers these tips:

Planning Ahead
The first step to a great summer picnic is the food selection. Picnic food is some of the most delicious yet simple food around thanks to the abundance of seasonal produce. Plan the menu before making a trip to the grocery store. One of Dellutri’s favorite menus is grilled chicken and ribs smothered in a sweet barbecue sauce with fresh corn and tomatoes.  Choose cool treats that don’t melt in the sun, such as fresh watermelon. Finally, purchase paper plates, cups, utensils and large trash bags for an easy clean-up.  

Activities for All
Once you have your menu planned, be sure there are activities for guests of all ages. If young children are invited, purchase easy and inexpensive toys such as bubbles, a hula-hoop or sidewalk chalk for hours of fun.  If your party is mostly adults, Frisbees, horseshoes or a vintage game like bocce are great activities to keep guests entertained while food is on the grill.

Dress Appropriately
Before the party, make sure guests know how to dress for the location you choose. If your party is near a pool, let guests know that they are welcome to bring their swimsuits. For guests who forget their towels, be sure to have extras on hand. If your picnic is at a park or on the lawn, bring large sheets or blankets so guests can avoid grass stains while sitting.

Remember the Fun, Not the Mess
With disposable plates and cutlery, clean-up time should be minimal.  However, greasy foods like barbeque, hamburgers and hot dogs, often end up on guests’ clothing or even picnic sheets and table cloths. For the spills and splashes that might occur, Dellutri recommends using Tide with Dawn StainScrubbers, a new detergent that helps remove tough stains – including greasy food stains – better than the next leading competitive detergent plus pre-treater combined.

Laura Dellutri, “The Healthy Housekeeper,” is the author of the new book White Couch, with Kids?! and Speed Cleaning 101.  Laura is a mother of five and travels all over the country to share her savvy tips. 

 Did You Know?
You can remove greasy food stains from clothing and fabrics by using Tide with Dawn StainScrubbers. The new laundry detergent brings together Tide and Dawn Stain Scrubbers to provide outstanding cleaning on everyday stains.

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