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Laundry Tips to Stretch your MONEY!

1.   Dilute your Detergent and Fabric Softener!  
(demo use bottle of fabric softener and detergent with 1 cup water) After you use one cup of your laundry products add one cup of water--shake well before using in washer each time.  It will give you  3-4  more laundry loads--I have been doing this for years.

2.  Wash in cold water to save money.  

Washing in cold water saves on the electricity bill $$.  Most experts say clothes get just as clean in cold water as in warm or hot. For sure, there will be less shrinkage. And if there's a stain you didn't see and pre-treat, it won't be set in by hot water and maybe you can still get it out!

3.  Stop wearing out your clothing stretch your dollars!

Turn T-shirts and sweatshirts inside out before washing. Jeans too, to keep them looking new longer.  Hang all light clothing over a drying rack on a drying hanger to save on electricity versus using the dryer they will look new longer.  The dryer and hot heat can get your clothes looking worn out and old in no time. 

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