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Entertaining With Ease

by Laura Dellutri

Entertaining with Ease - Laura DellutriSo many of us experience little mini panic attacks when it comes to hosting a dinner at out home.  Why is that?  The time it takes, the planning and the creativity needed to pull of a really nice dinner party can send chills down our spine.  When I was a newlywed, it was a little more frightening than now, but I still remember the butterflies in my stomach waiting for the first guest to arrive.  What if people don’t like the food, what if I burn something?  What sort of wine should I serve?  What type of music should I play?

If you have been stressing out about your next dinner party, and really don’t know where to start, it s time to take a deep breath and visit Sharon Connor‘s web site   I had the unique pleasure of meeting Sharon on 
on my last trip to Florida at the Homewards show.  It was amazing to visit her booth where she was fluttering around being the little entrepreneur/cellist/world renowned traveler/woman extraordinaire that she is.  In fact Sharon has done one of the most unique things I have ever seen in the home entertaining arena.  She has created menus and music that follow a theme to help even the most hopeless host/hostess get the help they need for their next dinner party. 

Cooking with the BluesWhat Sharon has done is simplify, consolidate, and make your life a whole lot easier!  She has a variety of  cookbook recipes that have washable index cards, a full menu,  and a CD that offers music to go with your theme dinner party.    She has “Cooking with the Blues” which includes Sharon’s favorite casual American dishes and soulful blues by the Danny Caron band with Charles Brown.  She also has helpful tips, variations, and great, great music that can make home cooking easy and fun. In her  “Cooking with the Blues” book you get recipe cards for Red Beans and Rice, New World Chicken Salad, Sunday Pot Roast, Chocolate Bread Pudding, and more...she also includes a shopping list that you can take to the grocery store with you!

There is also a Caribbean, Organic, Comfort food, Wine Lover’s and Chocolate menus and music book.  The Books with CD’s cost around $22.  What a bargain, great food, music and menus what a great way to entertain easily!  For more information on Sharon O’Connor’s books go to  Don’t forget the ambience for a flameless candle that never goes out visit

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