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20 Tips To Get Your Kids To Go Green

It's no secret we are all going to be leaving our carbon footprint on the world, long after we are gone.  As parents we need to do our part training our kids on the simple things every day they can do that will make a difference in our environment!

Here are my 20 tips for Kids Going Green

  1. Take shoes off at the front door.
  2. Recycle your pens, pencils, rulers every school year, don't ask mom for new ones.
  3. Wear clothing that doesn't get dirty like jeans 2 times before throwing in dirty laundry.
  4. Turn off lights each time you leave a room.
  5. Close refrigerator and Freezer doors all the way.
  6. Don't try on clothing and throw it in the dirty laundry because you don't want to hang it up.
  7. Use a small trickle of water when brushing your teeth.
  8. Rinse your glass for a drink of water each day instead of getting a new glass each time.
  9. Use your bathroom towels 2-3 times before giving to dirty laundry basket- hang up to dry after using
  10. Don't waste water, use the refrigerator to get a drink if you have a dispenser.
  11. Ride your bike to school, or walk to a friend's instead of asking mom or dad for a ride.
  12. Car pool with friends whenever possible.
  13. Don't waste toilet paper.
  14. Buy solar powered calculators, ipods etc.
  15. Buy solar powered school supplies and games.
  16. Put on a sweater when you are cold to save on the heating costs/energy.
  17. Turn off and unplug the TV when not in use.
  18. Don't leave a room without turning off computers, radios, games.  UNPLUG
  19. Buy stuff from yard sales, thrift stores etc.
  20. Recycle cans, bottles, paper, plastic.

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